Erosion & Sedimentation


SET civil engineers, scientists, and technicians have decades of combined experience designing, maintaining, inspecting, and upgrading erosion and sediment control systems.  We understand that grading and drainage project can present unique challenges to protect water features.  SET is prepared to help not only protect your project up front but keep it functioning for years to come.

Our experts can help with….    

  • Erosion and sediment control best-management-practice (BMP) design
  • Creative design to work with any footprint or situation
  • BMP installation oversight 
  • Project assessment when issues arise
  • Reclamation design and planning when the project is complete
  • BMP and facility inspection to ensure compliance
  • Water sampling and analysis 
  • Retrofit ideas and designs to tackle noncompliance
  • Product review and recommendation

We also welcome a discussion about other ways we can help you reach your goal